Jackie Cocker

Bird Feeders and Harvest Baskets at Family Club

The beginning of October has brought a change in weather, with temperatures dropping and concern for our feathery friends growing. To save wildlife having to forage for food Family Club decided to help out and make bird feeders. A very simple activity using a cheerio type cereal and pipe-cleaners. String can also be used, as…
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Autumn at Marton

This week at Marton the children are doing all about Autumn. They will be going on woodland walks and investigating about what they might find along the way. They will be making bird feeders and with any luck the children will be able to spot as many birds as possible in our wonderful outdoor grounds. …
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Kickstart Intervention

At Kickstart we offer a three-tier intervention programme. Therapeutic work This is specialist targeted support for youngsters whom are struggling with emotional regulation to the degree it is impacting on their education and development at home, and in a school setting or provision. The sessions are based on creative art, design or play dependent on…
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