A Royal Event at Barton Moss Family Club

With the upcoming Royal Wedding this Saturday, our family club at Barton Moss decided to host their own version of a party.

Of course our party had a twist, all the guests had to decorate their own biscuits and cakes in traditional red, white, and blue.  There was plenty of coloured icing being ‘spread’ around with some fabulous looking delectable biscuits and cakes.

After the decorating we had a wedding ‘dance off’ competition ….. there were no exceptions everybody had to join in.  Even some of the passing Barton Moss staff came in for a little cheeky dance.  We also have a little video clip of us all doing the Cha Cha Slide, watch it below.

We finished off our family club with a union jack cone filled to the brim with chocolate chip cookies and sweeties as a well deserved treat for all the dancers.

Everybody went home with plates full of colourful biscuits and cakes, and some of us were tired after all that dancing!


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