Back with a bang! … or maybe it was a pop.

The family clubs arrived back at your schools this week. Thank you to all those who attended @bartonmoss @westwoodprimary and @stpaulspeel. We had our first Family club wedding. A lovely couple who have been attending Westwood for some time, tied the knot over summer. Congratulations to Jay & Natasha.

Forhousing paid us a visit and asked about training and courses you might like to attend. I visited the schools and talked to the children who have given me lots of new ideas. They said they would like more activities to complete as a family so we will be trying to introduce some group tasks into every session.

This week it was to make a famous character out of the contents we gave you. You were brilliant, we had a variety of famous people ranging from popstars, cartoon characters, actors and politicians. Take a look at the fabulous photo’s and try to figure out who they are.

Next week we will start with a physical activity, then we will be making our own board games, and sharing them. We look forward to seeing you there.

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