Ball games at Barton Moss

For the past few weeks Barton Moss have been having lots of fun in the Dodgeball & Ball games club.

As the title suggests, this covers a whole range of sports that Mr Smedley and Miss Quinn can teach the children. Since September the club has covered football, kick rounders, handball, dodgeball and the ever popular tchoukball. Doing such a wide variety of sports just adds to the fun that the children and Kickstart staff can have at this club. The children are eager to turn up every week and find out what game is being taught.

The staff at Kickstart are always listening to new ideas and have taught games in the club that the children have suggested, giving them a chance to think outside the box and make their own fun. Children from the after school childcare club have also joined in in recent weeks as they heard about it and didn’t want to miss out!

Unfortunately it is the last session next week, but Mr Smedley will definitely be trying to get this club on again in the near future, well done Barton Moss!

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