Barton Moss Breakfast Club

Term Time:  Monday – Friday

Time: Opens at 7:30am

Price: £3.00 per session (contract) or £3.50 per session ad hoc
(prices include breakfast)

If you would like to book your child/children into our Breakfast Club then please use the online booking system, once you have completed your initial registration it is then simply a matter of selecting the sessions you would like your child/children to attend and completing the booking.

The online booking system ensures that all children are signed in and out of the club, as well as having all relevant, and up to date contact details. You are also able to complete any dietary or medical conditions.

Book Online

The children are taken to their classes at the start of the school day by the Kickstart Team.

Breakfast Menu

Toast is available everyday, and we also have a self serve table with cereal, yoghurts, fruit, milk, juice, and water for the children to help themselves to.

We have lots of different daily activities for the children to choose from, including creative crafts, team games, board games, outdoor play, and of course free play for those who prefer to make up their own games!

Why not take a look at what fun we have in breakfast club.

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