Barton Moss – PE

This half term we are delivering invasion games at Barton Moss Primary School for their PE lessons. The aim is to ‘attack’ an opponent’s territory and score a goal or a point.  Teams usually consist of an equal number of players and the games focus on teamwork, scoring and defending, and keeping possession of the ball.

Although the weather hasn’t been very good recently and it’s been wet, we didn’t let that stop our, Year 4 & Year 6, PE lesson game of Handball, instead we took the lesson inside.

The classes were split into 4 teams, as they competed against each other to score as many points as possible. The team work was excellent throughout the lesson with plenty of good defending as well as good possession skills of the ball.

Both of the classes were a credit to the school and to the children’s parents/carers. So much so that the Kickstart Sports Coaches, Miss Quinn and Miss Young, had great difficulty deciding on the ‘Award Stars of PE’!  After much discussion and deliberation, the Coaches decided that Matthew and Summer (Year 6),  and Peace and Alex (Year 4) were the worthy winners of the award on this occasion.






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