Bird Feeders and Harvest Baskets at Family Club

The beginning of October has brought a change in weather, with temperatures dropping and concern for our feathery friends growing. To save wildlife having to forage for food Family Club decided to help out and make bird feeders.

A very simple activity using a cheerio type cereal and pipe-cleaners. String can also be used, as can floral wire. Families who attended enjoyed threading the cereal onto the pipe-cleaners and making various shapes with them. Many of the children also enjoyed eating the cereal, and some also took resources home. One or two of the families didn’t have trees or shrubbery to hang the bird feeders onto but decided that their garden fence would also suffice.

Families also told me they had enjoyed making the Harvest Baskets, this was a colour, cut and glue activity.

Next week will be a messy one, playdough, pasta, gloop and paint will be available as well as the availability to make Puppets and put on your own show. We look forward to seeing you next week.

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