Bushcraft and beyond!

This weeks special event at St. Matthew’s holiday club has been to take part in bushcraft activities.

Monday – The children crafted a campfire for the role play area. All were encouraged to join in, some painted the flames, some made coal and others made logs. These were joined together to create the finished effect.

Tuesday – Creative flair was in the air. The children made a large pan for the pretend hot-dogs which they had modelled from cardboard rolls. These were put in front of the fire (where else?) and a bench was made out of cardboard. One of our children wanted it to be red, so it was painted in fiery eagerness. To complete the scene the youngsters wanted to include themselves so each created a little image holding marshmallows to toast on the fire.

Wednesday saw the children focus on the food. They made paper plates that contained hot-dogs and a side of mustard or ketchup. These can also be found placed in front of the make-shift campfire. To add to this, the children made jacket potatoes and hot-chocolate. Later they made a fire hat in anticipation for the real event on Thursday.

Thursday – Bushcraft day!! A lovely man named Rob arrived to show our children how to take part in many activities. We started with a nature hunt: a snail, a slug, something round, something soft … and the list goes on. Following that the children were split into two groups. One group set off to make dens out of whatever they could find and a few props, the others learned how to make a fire using flints and natural resources. The groups swapped allowing all to practice all the skills. Shortly after, we all sat around the real campfire and watched our hot-dogs cook. We got to eat the delicious food and then toast our own marshmallows over the fire. To complete the day we all collected as many different leaves as we were able and discussed which trees they were from, how tall they grow, what kind of seeds they have and their names. It was a very wet day but this did not stop the children enjoying their day fully.

On Friday the children will be able to play in the role play area, write or draw about their experiences and recall favourite aspects of their week.

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