Bushcraft with Rob at Stretford

The holiday ‘clubbers’ have had a fantastic day in the glorious sunshine today taking part in lots of activities all about nature and Bushcraft.

Rob, our Bushcraft expert, came along to Stretford to teach us all about activities that can be enjoyed outdoors.

To start the day off we all had fun doing a scavenger hunt, looking for all sorts of things like, snails and slugs, acorns and pine cones. There were also flowers and lucky clovers on the list that we had to find. Some of the best finds though were when we had to find ‘something amazing’. In the amazing category we had a caterpillar that we managed find amongst all the grass, there were also some finds that weren’t part of nature such as a watch face and half a hoola hoop!

Once the fire was hot enough, that Rob and Dean had started, we then cooked some twisty dough sticks over it. We had some dough that was similar to bread and this was twisted around a very long stick (yes it was clean) and then we took it in turns to cook our own twisty over the fire….then the best bit was being able to eat it afterwards.

Sam and Lisa helped the children to make some dens with a tent canvas and logs and sticks that we collected, once Rob had shown them what to do of course.

For a lunchtime snack we were lucky enough to have hot dogs cooked on the open fire and then put inside a yummy bread roll with lashings of tomato sauce. To finish off our fire cooking we then toasted marshmallows. They went all gooey, but they were enjoyed by everyone.

A very big thank you to Rob for coming to our Holiday Club and teaching us about Bushcraft activities and for having fun with us…


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