Family Clubs

Westwood Park Community Primary – Family Club Summer Party 2017

To celebrate all the hard work and success during the last year of our Family Club, where we have lots of different intergenerational and family activities, we held our Summer Party on Wednesday. The party consisted of a sports day, where boys, girls, brothers, sister, parents and grandparents all competed against each other in different…
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Recycle and Reward with Friends of Barton Moss

Help support ‘Friends of Barton Moss’ by voting for them in the recycle and reward competition. If you would like to help the much enjoyed Family Club at Barton Moss enter your email address and pledge your support for ‘Friends of Barton Moss’. Closing date is April 16th. Please follow this link and to find out more about the family club…
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Kickstart support family wellbeing day

Kickstart are proud to be working with Gorse Hill Primary School.  In April, we will be starting our early intervention programme at the school but the hard work doesn’t stop there.  Deputy Headteacher Mrs Chrysler organised a family wellbeing day last month with a number of local agencies and groups supporting the event and running…
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Our Partners and Supporters