St Paul's Peel Family Club

Family club fun.

Families have been making chocolate apples and Pudsy – child in need, masks. We have had a few quiet weeks at Family Clubs but we are about to begin Christmas activities. Over the next four weeks we will be making Christmas wreaths, cards, gift boxes, gifts, slime and ending with party games. Families that attend…
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Celebrating Diversity at Family clubs

This week at Family Clubs the families celebrated cultural diversity by investigating the Jewish festival of Sukkot, and one school chose to look at Hinduism. Whilst learning about Sukkot the families took part in a quiz about the symbolism of the food on the seder plate used for Passover and attempted to make a Sukkah….
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Bird Feeders and Harvest Baskets at Family Club

The beginning of October has brought a change in weather, with temperatures dropping and concern for our feathery friends growing. To save wildlife having to forage for food Family Club decided to help out and make bird feeders. A very simple activity using a cheerio type cereal and pipe-cleaners. String can also be used, as…
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