Sport @ Barton Moss - Eccles

Barton Moss Sport’s

At Barton Moss the pupils have been working incredibly hard in their Physical Education Lesson, with some years focusing on striking and fielding and others working on Athletics.  Last week the school competed in the termly inter house competition, with 2 members of  each class being recognised for their incredibly attitude and team work skills….
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Barton Moss Sports Clubs

Gymnastics The children at Barton Moss gymnastics club have continued to work hard, focusing on the techniques involved within rolls and ways of travelling. The children have had the opportunity to be creative and imaginative and incorporate their ideas into the performance that took place on the 11th December. Thank you to all that attended….
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Barton Moss Gymnastic Club

This term in Gymnastics club the children will focus on some of the main technical areas, including rolls, balances and travelling. Their efforts and progress will be seen at the performance put on at the end of term. Gymnastics is open to the whole school and we welcome everyone! We look forward to seeing some…
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All things Sports!

Our after school clubs will re-commence week beginning 9th September, with 6 different sports being delivered across 6 of our partnership schools. Clubs are inclusive to all and everyone is welcome! In the afterschool clubs we will be focusing on key skills and techniques and learning how to apply them into a game situation. Attendance…
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Playstreets at Stockbridge Village Leisure

We have had a very busy few weeks at Stockbridge Village Leisure Centre where we have facilitated ‘Playstreets’. We are fortunate in having the use of the main sports hall, It has been needed as we have had over 100 attendees each week. This weeks session also gave Stockbridge residents the chance to try their…
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