Celebrating Diversity at Family clubs

This week at Family Clubs the families celebrated cultural diversity by investigating the Jewish festival of Sukkot, and one school chose to look at Hinduism.

Whilst learning about Sukkot the families took part in a quiz about the symbolism of the food on the seder plate used for Passover and attempted to make a Sukkah. This is a three sided shelter with a roof made of natural material that Jewish people traditionally ate the Passover meal inside. Children and their adults made some great structures out of available resources – demonstrating their growing craft skills and ability to embrace free-flowing creativity whilst having fun and spending invaluable time together.

The previous week we made puppets from household items such as sponges and bamboo skewers. The children were very proud of their creations and one parent has told me that “she has played with it all week, which has meant less time on the computer … it’s great”

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