Charlotte’s Dance groups

St Matthew’s performance showcase:

During the Autumn term Charlotte worked with years three and six to put together a small showcase for the school to watch.

Year three investigated cheerleading and year six was focused on street dance. Each week creative tasks were set where students could let their imagination and creativity do the talking. Both years were given the opportunity to add small sections which were in the final piece and gain knowledge of timing: by getting students to count in sets of 8, noticing the beats which link to the music.

The groups worked with the 4 principles of dance to help students incorporate both maths and English into their learning: These are: Action – What? Space – Where? Relationship – Who? Dynamics – How?

St Matthew’s Afterschool club Cheerleading:

At the first Autumn term the focus was commercial pop. All students involved got the chance to learn about commercial pop and what style it links too. Each week small tasks were set to get students to focus on working together as a team. Mixing different year groups was a challenge as students were at different levels: but the older pupils got really stuck in to help the younger ones learn movement.

The second Autumn term the focus was cheer: the students really enjoyed learning a new style of dance. By Christmas, they were able to show parents all their hard work produced in class. Each week Charlotte would bring in various evidence and ideas to help students put together and understand the style being worked towards.

It was a real challenge and change as students switched from one style to another. We investigated various lifts and how to execute them safely, using mats and practice.

Highfield Primary: Afterschool club-

During Autumn term we have been working on Commercial Jazz:

Commercial Jazz combines many styles of jazz and a bit of hip hop to produce an energetic style and which may be seen in video clips and commercial performances. It is a great fuse of technique and personal style.

We started off by looking into the music and how movement could link to it. Students were able to identify that timing was an important factor to all dance moves and was able to demonstrate this using their bodies. Students were set small creative tasks to generate simple poses, but they needed to be linked to our style. Pupils struggled with this at first but by using pictorial prompts they were able to show 3 different poses which changed to the beat of the music.

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