Smart Choices

Westwood and Alder Park Tenants and Residents Association, City West Housing and Kickstart Education have obtained funding via the Police and Crime Commissioner to launch the new ‘Smart Choices’ project.  The 10 week programme is designed to work with children aged 7-11 and address issues such as crime and consequence, healthy lifestyles, emotional literacy, problem solving and team building.  Kickstart will work with a small group of children to provide specific, individual intervention, whilst a wider group of children are involved with workshops and assemblies delivered by the other local groups and agencies such as the Police, Fire Brigade and City West themselves.  Kickstart has been working with Westwood Primary School already this year to deliver bespoke early intervention to small groups of children and ‘Smart Choices’ expands this delivery and has been tailored to benefit not just the children but the local community.

Gordon Carter, Chair of Westwood and Alder Tenants’ and Residents’ Association said,

We are delighted to be working with City West and Kickstart to launch the Smart Choices programme.  We hope that this work will help us address important local issues for our community and reduce instances of anti-social behaviour from children and young people.

Stephanie Williams, Community Development Officer for City West hopes that the roll out of ‘Smart Choices’ will benefit the wider Eccles community.

Westwood and Alder Tenants’ and Residents’ Association has been forward thinking in developing this important programme, aimed at educating children before they reach secondary school on the consequences of their actions and on how negative behaviour can impact the local community.  Kickstart have an impressive track record of working with young people and positively influencing change.  We hope that if the programme is successful it can be rolled out across other communities in Eccles

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Gordon Carter presents Dave Morris with the funding for Smart Choices

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