Come Fly With Me!

The children were really excited about going to the Airport to see the planes. When we arrived we were greeted by two guides, called Jane and Jeanette, who were going to look after us and make the trip fun for us all.

First of all were taken on-board an old DC-10 plane where we all sat down in a seat and watched a short film about how half of the plane had been dismantled and taken to the other side of Manchester Airport, that was very interesting and even Linda said that she learnt something new that she didn’t know before!

After the film we were allowed to do some dress up role play in the airport uniforms.  There were plenty of pilots willing to try and fly this DC10 plane!  Up, up and away we go.  There were also Air Hostess, Chef, Runway Staff, Air Control, and the Fire and Police Services uniforms to try on.

Probably the most exciting part was being allowed to go into the cockpit and sit in the Pilot’s chair, there were so many buttons to press, we don’t know how they remember what they all do!

After our visit inside the place we went outside to the viewing area and were able to see planes take off and land, it was very noisy!  We were lucky enough to see one of the Emirates Airbus planes take off, they are really big planes, once that had taken off we saw one land as well, they come in on the runway really fast.  The children were all amazed at how big the Airbus really is.

As a special treat we were taken to see Concorde and had a walk around it and also underneath it.  We learnt why it had a pointed nose…….Do you know why?……..Well it is so the pilot can see to land of course, as the nose tips down.  We finished off our visit with a cheeky picture on the steps of the Concorde.

What a wonderful trip we had to Manchester Airport, thank you to our guides on the tour, Jane and Jeanette, for making it so much fun for all the children, and of course, the Kickstart Staff!

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