Down on the farm.

Today we spent a fun day down on the farm. St. Matthew’s Holiday provision took a group of children to Smithills Farm in Bolton.

Our day started with donkey rides for all the children, we then went to feed the baby sheep and goats. We were able to cuddle baby chicks, baby rabbits and baby guinea pigs as well as stroke young alpaca and baby llamas. The children were gentle and listened carefully to instructions on how to hold the animals or where to stroke them. They compared how the various animals felt, and decided the alpaca’s were the softest and fluffiest.

Following this, we went on a tractor ride where we were able to feed horses from the trailer with bread. the children decided the horses badly needed to go to the dentist to have their teeth cleaned.

After lunch we watched the cows being milked. I think the children found it a little more amusing when the cows toileted than them being fascinated by the milking process. We then took buckets of food around the farm to feed the animals that we had seen earlier. The children loved gathering handfuls of food and offering it to a variety of animals.

We managed to get some time on the indoor and outdoor play areas before the heavens opened. The children raced each other to go down the slides first to see who could get the wettest.

Included in the photo’s are some of the children’s artwork inspired by the trip. Hope you enjoy as much as they did.

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