Our Education team provide schools with support in the continued professional development of staff teaching PE and in the promotion of healthy lifestyles.  Our highly skilled and able team work to evaluate school planning and audit sports premium spending to ensure value for money is being achieved.  In addition to working in Physical Education, we also assist schools obtain funding and help run family clubs, where lifelong learning and inter-generational activities are facilitated.

Our intervention programme is designed so that we work with small groups of children to help address behavioural and/or social issues at an early stage.  In school, our team work with staff, liaise with parents and meet with children in order to plan a bespoke programme of activities on and off site that engages children.

More recently, we have been commissioned by local authorities to help deliver physical literacy programmes for 0-7 year olds.  Working with Greater Sport, we have delivered Let’s Play Programmes and supported nursery and early years’ provisions make their physical development offer for children a lot stronger.  We have worked with staff to help improve confidence and evaluated observations to highlight missed opportunities to link physical development within the EYFS.

Whether it is parental support, lifelong learning, the support and delivery of PE, EYFS mentoring or early intervention, contact us for more details.

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