Family Club fun @ Westwood Park

Westwood Park Family Club was an explosion of paper, string, wool, and a riot of colour when we made our ‘ paper families’.
The children had lots of fun being drawn around on large pieces of paper and then going off and decorating the cut out.  Even some of the adults were drawn around and then took part decorating themselves.  A chance for imaginations to run wild and free.

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Meanwhile, as the weather was dry, sunny and unusually warm, Sam the Kickstart Sports Coach was outside playing a game of cricket, followed by football with the sports fans, as they were all eager to make the most of the sunny weather.
It was a competitive game of footie and rather fast paced…The spectators were tired just from watching the game!

We all had lots of fun and there were some sad faces once 4pm rolled around and it was time to go home……….BUT we can do it all again next week at Family Club…YAY!

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