Family Club @ St Paul’s Peel CE

Our new Kickstart Family Club started last week at St Paul’s Peel CE Primary School with Mairead, who most of you will already know as she delivers some of our sporting activities in school and also runs some of our after school sports clubs, and if you are not sure if you’ve met Mairead here’s a lovely picture – so when you see her around school be sure to say………


“Hello Mairead”


Last week during the first Family Club session Mairead wanted to find out what sort of activities and games parents/carers and children would like to take part in……after all it is your Family Club..

Top of the list was………. biscuit decorating followed closely by baking.  We won’t spoil all the surprises just yet for the forthcoming Family Clubs…….let’s just say they are going to be AMAZING!

Family Club will be running each Thursday after school during term-time….so don’t be shy come along and have a look at what we will be getting up to this term.

Keep watching because you never know when you could be the star of one of our Family Club pictures.

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