Family Club @ St Pauls Peel

Our family club at St Paul Peels, with Mairead, has been very busy over the last few weeks since it opened its doors.

All sorts of crafty activities have been taking place, as well as biscuit decorating.  There was plenty of love in the air when we made valentines cards, we even made some of our own word searches.  We have also made photo frames to take home and display with our pictures in them.  Chinese New Year saw lots of paper ‘craft’ dragons, we are just glad that they were not really real ….. otherwise it would have been quite scary in family club that week!

We are looking forward to lots more crafts and activities over the coming weeks, and don’t forget that after the Easter holiday we have a 5 week block of cooking……. each week is a different theme and you get to taste, make, and take home some different things each week, as well as the recipe sheet, and at the end of the 5 weeks you get a folder with all the recipes in – Mairead is so excited for the cooking sessions ….. just make sure that she doesn’t get to eat all the food!

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