Family entertainment at Barton Moss

A great turn out for Barton Moss’ fruity film night.

Families made and ate fruit kebabs during the first half of the session then sat together to watch part of a film whilst enjoying popcorn.

Recipes were given to make fruit kebabs and two kinds of popcorn at home and some guidance on the benefits to your child of enjoying tv or movie’s together.

Research shows children will only remember the strong emotions involved when they watch tv or movies alone. When an adult is supportive and discusses what is happening  this has a major benefit to children’s emotional literacy as well as to their comprehension skills in and out of school.

I clearly heard some parents chatting to their children about the film – fantastic, you are promoting your children’s well-being and education.

Enjoy your half term break and hopefully some of our recent activities will help keep your little ones busy.




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