Fun @ Westwood Family Club

Kickstart’s Sam was in a bit of tangle at Westwood Park’s Family Club on Wednesday afternoon……he was trying very hard to play a game of twister, as the weather outside was far too wet to go and play outdoor sports (Sam could only just about stay upright on the twister mat, so it’s a good job he didn’t try and go outside in the rain!)


The Twister spinning wheel was not being very kind to Sam and he didn’t know which way to move his hands and feet and as you can see he also had to take his shoes off so that he could balance on the mat!

The children had great fun playing the game and the parents/carers had a good time laughing with them as they tried not to topple over on the mat.

Meanwhile……. at the other end of the room there was lots of cake and biscuit decorating going on…they all looked so yummy and delicious.
I don’t think that many of those cakes made it home by the look of all the red coloured icing around some of the children’s mouths!

There was red,white, and yellow icing to choose from with lots and lots of different kinds of sprinkles and hundreds and thousands.

For those children and parents that didn’t want to decorate a cake or a biscuit they played some board games, did some colouring or just sat down nice and comfy with a book to read.

Don’t forget Family Club is in the Dining Centre @ Westwood Park Primary each Wednesday after school….so why not pop in to say
hello and have some fun with us?

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