Hayden and Mia get Gold

Two more prestigious Kickstart Gold awards were given out at a special assembly on the Friday before February half-term at Marton & District Primary School, which means that the total number of Marton gold badges now totals four, the highest total across any of the Kickstart schools.

Year 6 pupils Mia and Hayden were awarded the badges after excelling not just in PE but also in school sports. Hayden is a keen runner and has been busy developing his hockey and rugby skills this year, as well as competing for school teams in a number of sports. Mia has become a regular face in the school teams and she has really shown an interest in tag rugby and basketball.

The badges were presented by Kickstart Director Dean who also teaches the children in their PE lessons, he was thrilled for both of the children and offered his congratulations,

“Both Hayden and Mia give 100% in everything they do in relation to school sports. Not only do they participate in a sporting manner and show great enthusiasm and respect, they also have a desire to win but not win at all costs. They are outstanding role models and both have been through the Sports Leaders’ Programme, working with children in early years and key stage 1. The children are excellent ambassadors for Marton & District School and for Kickstart”

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