Kickstart Intervention

At Kickstart we offer a three-tier intervention programme.

Therapeutic work

This is specialist targeted support for youngsters whom are struggling with emotional regulation to the degree it is impacting on their education and development at home, and in a school setting or provision.

The sessions are based on creative art, design or play dependent on the age of the child. Parents, school and the individual child (if old enough) will complete a measure at the beginning and end of the programme to measure outcomes.

The sessions are in 6 – 10-week blocks for each child dependent on need and may continue for some time.

Smart Choices Programme

Smart Choices are sessions held within schools and target children who are at a lower level of need. Behaviours can be constant disruption to class, bullying, social exclusion, confidence and self-esteem issues, lack of emotional regulation, inability to manage anger, anxieties and generalised negativity/defiance.

The programme is a 10-week course following a path led by the needs of the child/children in the group. It works well with between 4 and 6 children per session. The children and teachers complete an evaluation questionnaire at the beginning and end of the programme in order to measure progress and assess the need for further input or referral.

Family Club

Our family clubs are a great way to refer children on who have done well at Smart Choices and/or Therapeutic intervention.

The school commit to holding sessions once a week after school for an hour. A Kickstart member of staff and a school member work together to create an environment where families can come together to take part in arts, crafts, games, singing, cooking, physical activities and visits from outside agencies such as CAB, community police teams etc. It is a no-phone time for adults and children to spend time together, taking part in fun activities. This builds familial relationships and improves mental well-being.

Our Partners and Supporters