Improving behaviour with smart choices


Kickstart work with schools to improve the attitudes, wellbeing and success of some of their most challenging pupils. Our tailored early intervention programme offers a much needed line of support for children who often do not know how to reach their maximum potential or struggle to cope with the challenges that are apparent in their day to day life both in school and at home.

At Westwood Park Community Primary school in Winton, Eccles, our Early Intervention mentor works with small groups of pupils every term. The pupils targeted often display negative behaviours, struggle to form relationships, have weak emotional literacy, and often lead unhealthy lifestyles which can involve risk taking behaviours.

What Kickstart Did

The Kickstart Early Intervention mentor worked every week with small groups of year 5 and 6 pupils over a 10-week period. The mentor designed a specific programme of activities which addressed the individual needs of the pupils. Kickstart conducted a base line assessment which parents, teachers and the children participated in. This process allowed the mentor to pin-point the needs of the pupil and appropriately tailor the programme. After the 10 weeks of 1 to 1 intervention and positive activities, the same questions were asked and the pupils, their parents and teachers could see the progress that had been made.


  • More schools are now using this service
  • Kickstart are working with City West Housing to pilot the programme and roll out across Salford
  • Teachers and pastoral staff have reported a substantial improvement in pupils’ behaviour and attitude in school.
  • Pupil wellbeing, attendance, attainment and behaviour have improved both during and after the programme
  • Parental feedback shows that the programme is a very valuable tool in supporting children achieve their potential


Early Intervention provides excellent support for some of our most vulnerable pupils. It helps them to talk and think about the path their lives are going to take and make the cognitive adjustments to be on track for a happy, fulfilling life. We highly recommend Kickstart and the early intervention programme that they deliver.

Mrs S Walker, Headteacher

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