Magic and Wizardry at Whitsun Holiday Club in Stretford

Truly magic things were happening at the Whitsun Holiday Club at St Matthew’s in Stretford.

Tornadoes were whipped up to a frenzy using plastic bottles filled with water, glitters, and oils and then watching them swirl away.

We also saw some snow……yes snow… June?  Only joking it was shaving foam and flour to make it look like snow.

There were some frosty handprints around the hub as we used ice to make the prints and then watched the changes they went through as they disappeared magically!

Some scary moments too when we had an erupting volcano…using baking soda and pouring vinegar on the top of it, it then foamed up and erupted right over the top – just like a real volcano….we are so glad it wasn’t real lava, that would have totally spoilt our outdoor play.

Magical playdough made an appearance as well as we painted wizards, made wizard hats (everybody needs a wizard hat for magic….don’t they?) and collected sticks from outside to make our wands with.  Luckily we were also able to make fruit kebab wands – the best part of that was being to able to eat them afterwards.

After all this Magic and Wizardry the children still found time enjoy lots of free play, and outdoor play, they particularly enjoyed games of tennis and making dens (for the wizards to hide in of course)

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