Marton & District Dance club

Marton Afterschool Dance Club:

For the last two terms, I have had the pleasure of leading both curriculum dance and after school club dance. In after school club dancers were working hard on street dance. For the first session, I went through various components used in a street dance routine and gave dancers handouts for extra help. Some students were able to identify what an action was and was able to give me an example of an action.

The focus of my sessions were canon and repetition.

Canon: dancers use this word with the same meaning as musicians. It defines a compositional structure in which one same choreographic fragment is executed by several dancers who space it out in time (usually with regular intervals). Rudolph Laban identified four main types of canon used in dance: the regular canon (dancers start and end one after another), the starting canon (only the beginning of the fragment is stepped), the ending canon (only the end of the fragment is stepped), the simultaneous canon (dancers start at the same time but each one starts the fragment at a different point).

Dancers struggled with this element at first, however by the use of repetition and the use of recordings. Dancers were able to perform this movement in a sound time.

Due to the nature of this club it is not suitable to post photographs or videos’, however if you speak to Charlotte she will share the video’s she has taken of your child.

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