National Gardening Week @ Highfield Breakfast Club

Highfield breakfast club have had a very busy and exciting week celebrating national gardening week, with lots of fun and crafty activities.

The children enjoyed cutting paper plates into swirls to make them look like snails and decorated them with sequins. We had some fantastic looking snails ‘slowly slithering’ around breakfast club….well the paper ones anyway.

A variety of bugs were ‘crawling’ and ‘creeping’ around breakfast club…………only joking…….they were stencil drawings of all the different bugs you would find in your garden, the children even painted their own ladybirds using paper plates.  We also took the children onto the field to do a bug hunt they found lots of interesting and funny looking bugs.

As the weather has been so nice this last week we have had some outdoor fun. Playing on the climbing frame, scooters, playing with the hula hoops and skipping ropes there was even time for a game of football in the sunshine

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