New Reward Scheme Launch

Following a long period of consultation, Kickstart are pleased to launch a new reward system across all aspects of the organisation’s work. 

From childcare to sport and intervention programmes to after school clubs, the new Kickstart badge system will be implemented to reward and recognise excellent behaviour, achievement and those who inspire others.

During the Summer Term, our Managing Director Dean, and our Director of Childcare Rebecca will be introducing the new reward system to all of our schools and settings and the first set of badges will be awarded at the end of the Summer Term before the children break up for the holidays.  An overview of the criteria for each badge is detailed below and nominations can be submitted by teaching staff, support staff or Kickstart coaches and playworkers, and the Board of Directors will personally sign off on each badge so they will not easily be awarded and are very prestigious.

In addition to a certificate and badge, those children who are awarded a gold badge will be featured on our website (parental permission required) and will receive their award in a special celebration assembly.  The red ‘inspiration’ awards will be given out annually and children will receive a Kickstart t-shirt, gift voucher and a permanent place in our Kickstart Hall of Fame on the Website (parental permission required).

Managing Director Dean says that the new system is all about recognising consistent and correct decision-making.

“For quite a while now I have been reflecting on how we recognise children who consistently do the right thing, make the right choices and excel in their chosen field, whether that be academic or sport.  I also want to be able to recognise children who don’t find school or sport easy but always try, show resilience and put 100% effort in to everything they do.  The Kickstart Reward scheme is a pyramid system so you have to have the foundations before moving to the next level, the gold badge will be reserved for only a select few and it will be something you can achieve if you persevere, never give up and face difficulties and challenges in the right spirit.  The red ‘inspiration’ award sits outside of the pyramid but is the highest award we can grant.  In order to be considered, individuals will have to inspire others by their actions and go above and beyond what would normally be expected, myself and Rebecca will take great care of these awards and will personally oversee them”

Although the childcare provisions will adopt a slightly different system in order to grant the gold, silver and bronze badges the principles remain the same.  Rebecca, Director of Childcare is excited about their introduction,

“Within the childcare settings, we implement the good to be green behaviour system in which children are praised for making the right choices.  The new system enables us to reward children each day by awarding merits for those children on green and to allow children to compete for merits by making the right choices and exhibiting positive behaviour”



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