Red Watch visit holiday club

What an exciting morning the children in holiday club have had today with a surprise visit by Red Watch from Stretford Fire Station.

The fire engine turned up at St Matthew’s this morning to visit a very excited bunch of children (and staff)

Once the introductions were made one of the firefighters had to put on all his fire fighting safety equipment while we timed him to make sure that he could do it fast enough.  He even had all his breathing equipment on as well.  Then the Red Watch Chief Firefighter explained how all the firefighters are kept safe while doing their very important work.  They have a special alarm that is plugged into a board that tells the Chief Firefighter if they need help at anytime.

We were all excited to be able to climb inside the fire engine and have a look at all the equipment and see how the lights worked.  The children even got to sit in the drivers seat.

They explained all the different kinds of equipment that they use and showed us the ‘hooligan’ tool, that can be used for opening doors, opening car doors and much more.  We even got a chance to have a look at the machine that is used to get into cars, it’s like a giant pair of tweezers!

They also told all the children to make sure that they ask their parents/carers this evening if they have working fire alarms at home, and if they don’t then they can get them fitted for free by the Fire Service.

A very big thank you to the Fire Fighters from Red Watch for taking the time to come and visit us.

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