Seymour Park Sport Clubs

Multi-Skills Club:

Seymour Park multi skills has a small group of children involved, however the energy levels are always high. Fun games has been the main focus within this club with some specific sports games also integrated into each session. The children are working on developing their concentration and listen skills so lots of little games benefit this group better rather than structured games with a lot of rules. During this term they have learned skills from hockey, dodgeball and gymnastics and some basic fundamentals.

EYFS Multi-skills:

The group is full of strong personalities and have bonded well. The children have been playing a range of different games focusing on the key fundamental skills. Be sure to sign your little one up for this club in the new year!

Tag Rugby

Over the past couple of months, the children of Seymour Park have been having lots of fun at Tag Rugby club with Kickstart coach Sam. With this being a new sport for many of the children attending, they had to start from the very basics, but Sam has been impressed with their willingness to learn and take on advice. They now know how to play the game and know all the rules surrounding a tag rugby match. One of the children even told Sam a couple of weeks ago that he told his classmates in a PE lesson the rules of tag rugby and helped referee a game and everyone loved it! The children in tag rugby are always enthusiastic about coming and really followed the rules and had fun whilst doing so. This has been another successful term for this club and will hopefully inspire these young rugby players into joining a club in the near future.

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