Ship Ahoy….All Aboard

Hello ‘Me hearties’ ….

This week we have had great fun with our Pirate Theme in After School Club

The children have been making all kinds of pirate themed arts and crafts, as well as a having a Treasure Hunt for the Golden Coins.  Pieces of Eight anybody?

We had a good time making our treasure maps using………tea bags…..yes….. tea bags, they made the pages look old and faded and then we drew the maps on them to guide us to the Golden Coins

We used our own hand made telescopes to keep a watchful eye from the Crows Nest…..just in case some rival Pirates came along and tried to steal our treasure!

There were plenty of colourful eyepatches being made as well as some hooks, just like Captain Hook had when his hand was eaten by a crocodile…….


And to finish with a little joke:

Question:   “Why are Pirates called pirates?”

Answer:  “because……they Ahhhhhrrrrr”




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