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Kickstart, in Partnership with City West has been working with pupils from Westwood Park Community Primary School in Eccles to deliver the brand new intervention programme ‘Smart Choices’. Pupils from year 3 were selected to take part in the programme which lasts 10 weeks and is aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour. The 4 pupils have taken part in activities delivered by specialist staff from Kickstart, The Police, and City West Housing.

The topics that have been covered are:

  • What is anti-social behaviour?
  • What do you know about hate crime?
  • Understanding your feelings
  • Team Building
  • Healthy Lifestyles 
  • Crime and Consequence.

The highlight of the programme was the Social Action project that the group planned and delivered. They were tasked with improving an outdoor space at a local community centre. The group walked around the space taking photographs and making suggestions. They then split into two teams, one focusing on the equipment and costing, and the other team assessing risk. When both groups came back together they feedback the work they had produced. Two days later they returned to the gardens and began their work. The results were amazing, Comments from users of the centre reflected the hard work the group had put in to complete this task, one person said; “I honestly can’t believe how much tidier it looks after just half a day’s work, it looks fantastic”

The programme has one more week remaining which will include an active bodies session and a celebration event to celebrate the success made over the last 10 weeks. Dave at Kickstart is amazed by the level of interest this programme has generated from the group. Often he will walk through the playground and the pupils taking part will come over and begin a conversation about the topics they have learned.

Dave Says “one of the best outcomes of this programme is that it has started the dialogue with these pupils about important issues like Hate Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, which is a great starting point to help tackle those problems and keep children like those on this programme on-side and away from anti-social behaviour”

The second cohort taking part in Smart Choices will begin in May, Kickstart and City West are very much looking forward to achieving the same results and supporting more pupils in their bid to avoid from anti-social behaviour.


Green Fingers -Smart Choice Smart Choices - Green Fingers

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