Smoothies, Soups, and Jackets @ Westwood Family Cooking

We are working together with Big Top Catering over the next 5 weeks to provide family cooking sessions that centre around tasty and nutritious, healthy and affordable meals. The first week of the sessions was all about delicious smoothies.

Parents and children had lots of fun cutting and dicing fruit and vegetables up to make their own smoothie recipes.

This week our cooking session with Bea and Jane, from Big Top, focussed on tasty and nutritious soups and jacket potato fillings.  We had lots of food to sample and have to say it was all very, very, scrumptious….

The soups were deliciously thick and creamy, and added to that we also had freshly made bread to try….. each family also got a pack of bread mix to take home and bake, we can’t wait to hear next week how they all turned out.

Fillings for jacket potatoes were different than we have ever tried before, how about chicken and mango with a splash of fresh yoghurt?

Everyone that tried it said it was very nice.

There was also cottage cheese with a twist …… sunflower seeds, this made the filling nice and crunchy.

Next week is all things Italian …….we look forward to that!



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