Sports, Fun, Music, Dancing @ Stretford Holiday Club

It may have been raining……..It may have been wet………But that didn’t stop our Holiday Club at Stretford from having some fun with sporting activities.

While we waited for the rain to stop, just a little, we managed to have some sporty type fun games inside.

We got out the big parachute and played ‘keep uppy’ on that, there was lots of laughing when the balls bounced all over the hub.

Parachute Keepy Uppy

After a few games with the parachute it was time to see who could do the ‘wackiest’ dance while we played musical bumps and musical statues.

As you will see a couple of the photographs may be a little blurry…..but that’s because they are action shots.

Musical Statues

When the music stopped for musical bumps everbody had to sit down on the floor as fast as they could, the last person to sit down was out of that game.   But don’t worry we had a few games, and while playing musical statues when the music stopped everybody had to stand in a very still position…..there were some funny poses in that game.

The rain stopped for a short while so we all ran outside to start our relay racing. We had three teams A,B and C and we raced around two sets of cones while we had to carry something without letting it drop, and then pass it to our next team member. But let’s not forget to mention our special team of Kickstart supporters who stood watching and cheering the teams on.

Then believe it or not…. the rain started again… we all raced back inside to get dry and get ready for the certificate presentation ceremony.


We are now looking forward to plenty more fun activities during the summer holidays.

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