Spring Time @ Barton Moss

The children in breakfast and after school club have been learning all about spring time over the last two weeks. They have been busy sowing seeds to grow their own sunflowers and they have also taken responsibility for watering and caring for individual flowers and measuring the progress of how they are growing.  They have even made their own measuring sheets.

Using junk modelling materials to design and build their own ‘indoor garden’, full of amazing mini beasts made from play dough, colourful pom-pom spiders can be seen all around the garden, weaving their tangled webs, and recently 3 snails were found outside in the ‘real garden’ …. so of course we just had to have a ‘snail race’.

The children take it in turns to feed the birds outside in the bird feeder, and tick off which birds they see as they go along!

As the weather has been so nice there has been plenty of opportunity for outside activities including, playing rounders and learning how to take turns and work together as a team.

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