St. Matthew’s After School Sports Clubs.

St Mathew’s football club. 

St Mathews football club has vastly improved in participation over the last couple of terms. This is a big improvement and we hope this continues. During the term the focus has been “back to basics” with ball control, passing and dribbling with some match related learning also involved. The development has shown more in key stage 1 children however key stage 2 children are given individual challenges to ensure progression for all ages.

Dodgeball St Matts

All the children have been excellent at dodgeball this term. They have worked on the foundation skills needed for the game: throwing, catching and dodging. The group have played different types of dodgeball to focus on specific skills. Kickstart coaches have been very impressed with all children and their ability to play dodgeball.

Boxing St Matts 

In boxing this term the children have covered a range of skills and techniques. developing those required to punch correctly. They have also focused on guard work and why it is important to use this at all time. All the children showed enthusiasm and progression during the term. 

Gymnastics club

St Matt’s gymnasts put hard work into motion when they performed to their loved ones in the last session of the term. There were some fantastic skills demonstrated and the group are looking forward to being able to continue these in the new year!

Tag Rugby –

The children developed their skills and started to use them in game like situations. The competition and drive to improve is outstanding!

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