St. Matthew’s ASC

In the after school club we are focusing on Roald Dahl as our topic. This is to support what your children are doing at school for this term.

As usual, we have been led by the children who have chosen different activities they would like to do from a variety of Dahl’s books.

Some of our children wanted to build the cave from the BFG, this has become our role play area as well as somewhere the children go if they would like some quiet time with friends or a good book. Some of the children wanted to make ears like those of the BFG, which we did. Many have taken them home, but some wear them whilst in the cave.

Other children preferred ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and wanted to make golden tickets to be able to enter the factory (the cave doubled up as this – or so they told us). A few of the younger children wanted to make sweets and lollipops, we made pretend ones for now. Hopefully they will make real sweets in the coming weeks. The ones the children made were so sticky they are attached to the walls of the cave.

Come back soon to find out what ideas your fab children have come up with that we have put into practice. If they share anything at home, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will chat to them to see how we can implement their ideas into our craft or play.

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