St. Matthew’s Dance club

St Matthew’s Afterschool Dance club:

This term my dancers have been solely focussing on creativity and repetition.

By the use of recordings and feedback, all dancers have really progressed from the first term to where they are now. Some of my KS2 dancers are really starting to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and what they can do to improve this. The style of dance we looked into was Commercial Street and dancers responded in a positive way to both dances and were able to add on their own movements to bring in motif and development.

Every two terms we work hard towards a final show where dancers show off their skills and we reflect on where dancers were in A1 to where they now are in S2. It is great to see the same students back because I get to see how far students have come each term and they get more creative as the lessons go on! I aim to try a different style each term to keep my dancers engaged and it will help them to understand the difference in styles and what movement fits with what style.

Due to the nature of the clubs – it is not possible to post photo’s or video’s but please ask Charlotte to see the video’s used within the lessons and she will be happy to assist.

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