Sugar Smart With Kickstart

Pupils at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School have been getting ‘Sugar Smart’ with Kickstart during their healthy lifestyle sessions.

During the six weekly lunch time sessions students have been finding out about the sugar content in their favourite food and drinks and how to make healthier choices when choosing their snacks. The year 6 pupils said they were ‘shocked and a little bit scared at just how much sugar was in some foods they regularly eat’.

As well as learning about sugar and using the Change 4 Life apps to equip them to make healthier options the primary school pupils have also been making healthy smoothies using vegetables and fruits and trying a range of new foods that got their taste buds dancing whilst providing important nutrients. The pupils got involved in enlightening experiments using eggshells to replicate the effects that ‘fizzy’ and sugary drinks would have on our teeth and also had the chance to invent some of their own fun 10-minute games to help them become more active during sedentary spells that they said had become routine, eg sitting on the couch after school, or hours of computer games.

These sessions have been enjoyed by staff and pupils as well as our own Kickstart team, the effects will hopefully lead to this generation of children being more informed and able to make healthier life long choices (and maybe teaching some grown ups a thing or two!!)

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