Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere

Tonight’s family club at Barton Moss was all about sugar, icing sugar to be exact…..

We had a selection of coloured icing in bowls that we used to spread ‘thickly’ over a range of biscuits……digestives, rich tea, and a special request of hob-nobs, for Yvonne.  After all the gooey icing was spread – the biscuits where then decorated with a huge range of sweets, there were strawberry laces being wrapped around the biscuits, marshmallows being squished, chocolate buttons (unfortunately they had moulded into one big one because of the heat), dolly mixtures, and much more.   How many of the sweets actually made onto the biscuits is anyone’s guess really?  Danielle, had definitely eaten some of them (yum)

We finished off the family club session with a good old fashioned ‘danceathon’, taking in the theme tune from Trolls, a little bit of a twist, and some Disney classics.

Everyone went home with armfuls of biscuits and some very full tummies!


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