Super St. Paul’s Peel.

A super turn out at St. Paul’s this week.

Some new families joined us for film night, we had some slight technical issues which delayed the film but you were all very patient and I was rescued by a lovely member of staff.

Research shows children will only remember the strong emotions involved when they watch tv or movies alone. When an adult is supportive and discusses what is happening  this has a major benefit to children’s emotional literacy as well as to their comprehension skills in and out of school.

Once the film began, popcorn was enjoyed by all and the activity of making either spider or wizards’ hats got underway. Fun was had, and a gritted determination by some adults to help their children complete the hat. Fantastic!

Activities and instructions are available where possible to take and try at home. Hopefully some of these can be tried throughout your half term break. ENJOY!


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