Termly Inter-House competition at Barton Moss Primary School,

In November, the Inter-House competition was held at Barton Moss Primary School.

Each year group is split into 4 house teams (Tame, Bridgewater, Irwell and Mersey) and two school years work together (years one and two, years three and four and years five and six). Each cohort holding its own competition.

The focus for this article was Mr White’s Year 3 class and Miss Huddart’s Year 4 who were mixed together to determine the eight tournament squads. The competition was originally supposed to be hockey, but due to poor weather conditions the children took part in indoor handball.

The bad weather didn’t dampen the children’s spirits as the classes had a very competitive and fun afternoon! There was plenty of high intensity action, and some very topsy-turvy games: but House Tame took the lead with a slight margin. 

The inter-house competition gives the chance for pupils who might not come in contact with one another in class to bond and grow relationships through sport and this did exactly that. Mr Smedley, Miss Quinn and Mr Jagne were very impressed with the behaviour, sportsmanship, effort and desire shown by everyone from Year 3&4 and the kids loved every minute of it, well done Barton Moss!


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