Westwood Park – PE in the Sun

Sports with Year 1&2 at Westwood Park

On Wednesday, Kickstart’s Sam was glad to see that the weather had
improved for his Year 1 & 2 PE lessons and all the children were excited to go out onto the playground and get active by playing some games.

To warm up they started with a game of Banana TIG (thankfully, no bananas were involved!), all the children really enjoyed getting warmed up and running around.

‘Equipment Grab’ was the next team game.  Focusing on speed, agility, teamwork, numeracy skills, and honesty!  The children really enjoyed the game – everyone played by the rules and there was some excellent teamwork throughout.

To finish our PE lesson was the Westwood Park favourite – ‘Sharks’, before heading back inside and having a
well-deserved rest!



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