Westwood Park Primary Sports Leaders

The Westwood Park Sports Leaders and Sam from Kickstart recently hosted a mini-sports day for the Key Stage 1 children in the school, during lunchtime break.

There were lots of fun, sporting activities for them all to take part in.  Some of the games that the Sports Leaders had organised were bean bag throwing, long jump competitions and of course no sports day is complete without a race or two. The children got to choose which events they would like to take part in.

Westwood SportsSam hosted an object race where they had to run to a certain point in the playground whilst balancing a quoit on their head…..Not an easy task.  The object race wasn’t without a competitive edge, but all the children enjoyed it and had fun.

Some of the other Sports Leaders had organised a bean bag throwing competition.  Hoops were laid out on the floor and the aim was to be able to throw the bean bag into the hoops.  A long jump competition saw some GREAT LEAPS from the Key Stage 1 children.  Watch out for some future Olympians there…..!

Westwood SportsWestwood SportsWestwood Sports






Towards the end of the lunchtime a special Westwood Park treasure hunt had been arranged by the Year 5 future Sports Leaders, along with Sam.  The children all thoroughly enjoyed hunting and it was a fantastic lunchtime all round!

Westwood Sports Westwood SportsWestwood Sports






Well done to the Sports Leaders for a fantastic time and what great organisational skills

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