Badge Winners at Barton Moss

Kickstart were delighted to present five gold badges and the first ever red badge winners at Barton Moss Primary School in 2020. In what has been a difficult year for everyone, the award of the red badges was even more important this year as the ambassadors became role models for other children in promoting physical activity at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lucas B and Alexandru were awarded gold badges for their achievements in sport throughout the year. In addition to competing for school in a number of events, both Lucas B and Alexandru have shown their commitment to sport and displayed excellence in a number of competitions and they were rightly proud of their achievements.

In addition, four children were awarded the red badge ‘inspiration award’ and three of the four also became gold badge winners at the same time. The red badge is the highest award that Kickstart can present and it is targeted at children who not only show a dedication and commitment to sport but who also, through their actions, inspire others.

The red badge winners were,

Kian – Plays for Manchester United Academy and represented the school in every one of the eight competitions entered this year. He displays the values of respect, dedication, commitment, leadership and teamwork in abundance. A key member of the School Sports teams and a role model and inspiration for others.

Peace – Represented the school at a number of competitions, helped set up the girls football team and jointly led the sports council. Always competes with a smile on her face and her energy and enthusiasm was infections and inspirational

Nathan – A quiet yet determined athlete who has represented the school in a range of competitions throughout his time at Barton Moss. Nathan encourages others, is always keen to recognise the achievement of those who persevere and his resilience, hard work and dedication were qualities that make him a well deserved red badge winner.

Taym – A highly skilled and determined young man who has excelled at a range of sports during his time at Barton Moss and in particular basketball. He was a key player in the school sports teams and he always has a positive and mature outlook on sports. One of the first children to shake hands at the end of a match and full of energy and competitive steel. His approach to sport was inspirational and refreshing.

2020 was the most successful year for sporting achievement on record at Barton Moss and in addition to the highest number of gold and red badge winners, all of the Year 6 class left with a Kickstart Badge of some colour. They will all be sorely missed and are without doubt a hard act to follow.

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