For Families

Kickstart is a family friendly organisation, we have a high quality childcare offer, that is reasonably priced and we offer parents and carers flexibility with a 10-hour a day holiday club that is open to support working parents for 10 weeks a year.  In addition, our afterschool provisions provide sibling discounts and are open until 6.20pm.  We are proud to promote fitness and health and our work with local authorities in delivering physical literacy for 0-7 year olds has resulted in Kickstart being recognised in this area of work.  In October 2016, our Childcare settings were awarded the Healthy Club award, so families can be sure that our provisions offer fantastic outdoor activities and healthy & nutritious snacks.

In addition to offering family friendly childcare, we also run family clubs so that parents and children can come together and complete activities such as arts & crafts, sports and baking.  As well as running inter-generational activities, we also lifelong learning for adults, so that education never stops and adults can complete accredited qualifications and short courses to improve job prospects and confidence.

If you come and work for Kickstart, we provide our employees with subsidised childcare and offer flexible working where possible and a structured training and benefits packages.

Our Partners and Supporters