Remote Learning with Kickstart

Kickstart are delighted to be supporting our Partner Schools with their remote learning offer for Physical Education. The Sports Team have been working tirelessly to provide a wide range of resources, all linked to the Curriculum, so that no child is left behind and everyone has equality of opportunity when it comes to Physical Education.

Remote Learning has evolved throughout the time that schools have closed and Kickstart are reviewing this continually and working with School Leaders, parents and children in order to make sure that resources are appropriate and accessible for all.

Our Activity Packs have been very well received and we have produced 2 sets of these now with age appropriate activities, encouraging everyone to keep moving throughout lockdown. To support Physical Education, we have provided lessons via paper packs and through online pre-recorded and live lessons, the objectives and outcomes identical to those being taught to the children who are still attending school.

Kickstart has based our approach on the 7 things to consider for remote learning, that was produced by Ofsted’s interim visits in the Autumn Term and reinforced to our Partner School Headteachers’ last week by the Ofsted Regional Director for the North-West Andrew Cook, namely;

1.Remote education is a way of delivering the curriculum
2.Keep it simple
3.When adapting the curriculum, focus on the basics
4.Feedback , retrieval practice and assessment are more important than ever
5.The medium matters (a bit)
6.Live lessons aren’t always best
7.Engagement matters, but is only the start

Our coaches have done an amazing job of producing high quality resources and lessons that follow these principles and we will be evolving our offer even more after the half-term break so that children can be fully supported and assessed in PE whether accessing the curriculum remotely or in school.

Our Partners and Supporters