Bookings open for Summer Holiday Camp

Kickstart are pleased to announce that following the priority booking phase for key workers, there are still a few places remaining for general booking for the Summer Holiday Camp.

Based on the information available to us now, we do believe that it will be safe to reopen and run a full Summer Holiday Club, starting on Monday 27th July 2020, running daily (weekdays) until Friday 28th August 2020.  Kickstart will have to put additional measures in place in order to run the club safely and minimise any risks.  The Kickstart COVID-19 contingency plan and risk assessments are being reviewed on a daily basis at present so it would not be useful to send these to parents or carers at this stage as a lot can change in a few weeks.  However, we are putting additional measures in place which will include;

  • Additional Space for Summer Holiday Club 2020 to provide more indoor floor space for staff and children with a focus on outdoor play wherever possible
  • Regular handwashing routines introduced
  • Reduction in the number of children who can attend and a single booking option of 8am – 6pm only available.
  • Breakfasts and Evening Snacks will not be offered but children can bring their own
  • Social Distancing drop offs and pick ups in line with Government Advice at the time
  • Deep cleaning of Kickstart Facilities and rigorous cleaning routines of the facilities and equipment
  • Additional staff training on infection control and COVID-19 contingency measures
  • Preference in bookings on an early bird system for key workers
  • Off site trips will not take place but we will try and rearrange these for future clubs

Although these measures will be in place, they are designed to minimise risk and although we will implement our plan diligently, we still want the children to enjoy the summer holiday experience and try to get back to a new normal.  Social distancing with children is almost impossible to enforce constantly in a childcare setting and although we will discourage games that involve contact (e.g. tig and bulldog), general play will involve children, especially younger ones, coming within 2m of others.

Kickstart will publish guidance for all parents and carers who will be using the club in July.  


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